Grapery Experimenting with Exciting New Varieties

Grapery Experimenting with Exciting New Varieties

BAKERSFIELD, CA - With the goal of continuing to bring unique flavor profiles to market, Bakersfield, California-based Grapery has begun to test-market small quantities of new grape varieties to debut with commercial production in the coming years. These new experimental varieties are being produced by International Fruit Genetics and have been bred for great flavor, Grapery CEO, Jim Beagle tells me. Not yet named, these grapes are currently being grown in the company’s test plots in Kern County and are sold in Grapery’s Flavor Pops packaging.

Jim Beagle, CEO“Flavor is our most important criteria in choosing a new variety, and we have some exciting new varieties in development that will take several more years to become commercial, but definitely have the potential to be as popular with consumers as Cotton Candy,” Jim notes.

When I ask Jim what his goals and ambitions have been when developing these grapes, he tells me it’s flavor and innovation. “We are trying to change the consumer’s perception of how great grapes can taste. Many consumers feel grapes lack consistency of flavor. Sometimes they are pleased with great flavor, and sometimes disappointed, so they don’t always trust that they’ll enjoy eating the grapes that look the best in the store. So, we are building a reputation as a company the consumer can trust every time they taste a grape under the Grapery label,” Jim notes.

With new varieties in its pipeline, Grapery is continuing to innovate for the consumer experience. Be on the lookout for the next Cotton Candy grape.



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