Grower Direct Asparagus Volume Climbs 40%

Grower Direct Asparagus Volume Climbs 40%

STOCKTON, CA - Grower Direct is championing asparagus this year as a key driver for increased Winter sales. Despite challenging weather conditions in Mexico and Baja, the grower's skilled team has persevered and current estimates project a crop which should be 40% higher than volume from last year. This accomplishment would put them in serious contention for being the 2nd largest asparagus grower in the United States.

Grower Direct is not content, however, to rest on its accomplishments. Rather, the grower is carrying its message forward to retailers, demonstrating the strong value proposition its produce offers.

Jim Hanson, Managing Partner

“Every year we strive to offer a stronger product to our retail partners,” Jim Hanson, Managing Partner of Grower Direct, shared with me. “Our '3 Day Rule' sets an internal company standard which retailers can rely upon. Grower Direct works to ensure that no more than 3 days pass between the time of harvest and the point of sale. For a category like asparagus, which requires consistency and quick turnaround for strong sales numbers, our policy serves as a valuable tool for retailers looking to drive produce sales.”

“Freshness comes first at Grower Direct,” he continued. “Together with our emphasis on pricing our produce at a point which facilitates quick sale, we seek to give our retail partners the tools they need to succeed. That starts with asparagus.”

Today, Grower Direct focused on Caborca where the season is set to kick off in January. Production is expected to come in ahead of schedule and together with production from Baja, the size of this year's harvest will ensure that there will be more than enough supply to meet market demand.

Congratulations on a great season, Grower Direct!

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