Highline Debuts Its Organic Mushroom Medley

Highline Debuts Its Organic Mushroom Medley

LEAMINGTON, ON - There is one fresh produce item that I always have in stock in my refrigerator, the mushroom—or rather mushrooms, because I have extras and then back-ups for my extras. There is rarely a savory meal that I cannot add these too. As a lover of the category, I always have my eye out for new products and presentations, and more occurrences of the delicious fungi.

New this fall to the produce department is Highline Mushrooms’ Organic Mushroom Medleys. And as Jane Rhyno, Director of Sales and Marketing, tells me, as the world’s largest organic mushroom grower, the company is not only focused on providing consumers with nutritious, organic mushrooms, the team is also focused on providing culinary ideas and products to meet their busy lifestyles.

Jane Rhyno, Director of Sales and Marketing, Highline Mushrooms“At the Fresh Summit we are launching our new line of Organic Mushrooms Medleys. We have three varieties, each one tailored for different cooking ideas,” Jane tells me. “The medleys are a great way to introduce consumers to new varieties as well as providing them with convenient meal solutions.”

The delicious medley options include:

  • Organic Steakhouse Style Mushroom Medley
  • Organic Pasta Perfect Mushroom Medley
  • Organic Sizzling Stir Fry Mushroom Medley

For those who know that variety is the spice of life, these options bring flavor and depth to a breadth of dishes.

Highline Mushroom's Organic Mushroom Medley, Steakhouse Style

“From a thick and hearty mix that is perfect for a side or for grilling, to a wild and exotic mix that you can use in a quick and healthy stir fry, we have the mix to cover any meal occasion,” Jane shares.

This new addition to the organic mushroom category was not by chance. Organics are booming and show no signs of slowing. As Jane notes, the consumption of organic mushrooms in the US has been steadily on the rise for the last decade, accelerating over the past four years.

Highline Mushrooms' Organic Mushroom Medley, Sizzling Stir Fry

“Since 2014, organic mushrooms sales in the US have increased by 90 percent with the most significant yearly growth of +42.9 percent happening between 2015 and 2016,” Jane adds. “This upward trend is expected to continue into 2018 and beyond.”

In addition, the organic mushroom market overall has a very positive outlook in the years to come as consumers’ health awareness increases, demand for organic and healthy products rises, and more retailers incorporate organic offerings to meet this demand. This includes conventional supermarket chains, wholesale foodservice distributors, and restaurant chains.

Highline Mushrooms' Organic Mushroom Medley, Pasta Perfect

For an extra splash of innovation, the company will be introducing its line up of Top Seal mushroom packaging, which has been designed to reflect its new rebrand.

For more on the latest and greatest from Highline, visit booth #1601 at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

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