HMC Farms® Chelsea Ketelsen Discusses New Website Launch

HMC Farms® Chelsea Ketelsen Discusses New Website Launch

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KINGSBURG, CA - Those looking to learn more about HMC Farms® are in luck. I recently heard from Chelsea Ketelsen, Director of Marketing, that this family farm has a new and improved website.

Chelsea Ketelsen, Director of Marketing, HMC Farms®

“Our new website is informative, engaging, and easier to navigate than our previous site. It highlights the most valuable information from our old site, coupled with fresh from the farm updates,” Chelsea told me.

With the new site, HMC is providing easier access to the core values of HMC Farms, touching base on life on and off the farms with increased information on the fruit it grows, how it is grown, the community it has connected with, and much more. It also includes information on its foodservice offerings and organics, programs that have continued to blossom over the years.

“What I love about the new site is how it subtly tells the story of HMC Farms. It feels like a family scrapbook with historic photos intermingled with current images in a collage-type environment,” Chelsea explained. “It shows our family’s farming history and future in a glimpse. This new design gives the viewer an essence of who we are, who we were, and who we intend to be as we continue to pass our farms from generation to generation.”

HMC Farms has unveiled a new and improved website

HMC partnered with Purveyor to redesign its website in a way that really communicates what HMC Farms has to offer and what it takes to efficiently run a family-owned and operated farming business in the modern world.

“We truly just outgrew our previous site. Slowly adding bits of information over the past few years created a site that was unmanageable and unorganized from a viewer’s perspective,” Chelsea noted. “There were things we wanted to emphasize that didn’t have a place on our old site­—predominantly our proprietary variety Plumsicle. That variety deserves all the attention we can give it, and because the previous site was created before our Plumsicles were available, it was scarcely mentioned.”

With the new site, HMC is providing easier access to the core values of HMC Farms

If you have any questions about fruit, farming, or the HMC family, please visit its website. While you’re there, be sure to try out some new recipes, watch a few videos, read through blog posts, and let the company know what you think.

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