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Jacobs Farm del Cabo's Danielle Loustalot and Wylie Bird Discuss Mini Pepper Program

Jacobs Farm del Cabo's Danielle Loustalot and Wylie Bird Discuss Mini Pepper Program

SANTA CRUZ, CA - Specialty pepper offerings drag shoppers in by the hundreds. I would know—I’m one of them. But knowing which product to select is half the battle for conscientious consumers, which is why retailers need to have a supply-side partner like Jacobs Farm del Cabo by their side. Growing organic peppers since 1985, the grower collective has specialty programs in the bag. I spoke with both Danielle Loustalot, Marketing Manager, and Wylie Bird, Marketing Coordinator, to find out more.

Danielle Loustalot, Marketing Manager, Jacobs Farm del Cabo“Our winter supply of our specialty del Cabo brand Sweet Mini Peppers is peaking now through March, and we expect more steady volume into spring and summer. Quality is solid from our farms in South-Central Baja and Sonora, California, and we are hearing great feedback from retailers and consumers alike,” Danielle noted. “Our mini sweet peppers pack a tasty flavor as rich and vibrant as their colors.”

Danielle explained that all of the mini sweet peppers are grown and cared for under protected structures throughout the collective’s many Baja farms. This ensures consistent quality and flavor.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s Sweet Mini Pepper category is peaking now through March, making this an ideal time for retailers to stock up on the popular program

The product selection Jacobs Farm del Cabo is currently shipping includes del Cabo brand jalapeños, serranos, padróns, and shishitos, as well as its Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley—a pack that provides home chefs and spicy-food-lovers an ideal seasonal mix of medium-to-hot peppers.

Wylie Bird, Marketing Coordinator, Jacobs Farm del Cabo“Our del Cabo brand Mini Sweet Peppers are a staple, stand-out choice for our customers’ produce departments as consumer buying and eating habits continue to shift toward healthier snacking options,” Wylie expressed. “More than just a delicious and nutritious snack, the del Cabo brand carries a reputation of strong social and environmental responsibility that speaks to the informed, conscious eater and is a major differentiator at retail.”

Demand for specialty pepper offerings continues to spike, as Wylie remarked, but retailers can rest easy knowing that del Cabo’s year-round production south of the border makes for a consistent supply year-round.

Demand for specialty pepper offerings continues to spike as sweet mini peppers have become a healthy snacking favorite, and Jacobs Farm del Cabo is able to deliver thanks to its year-round production

“Sweet mini peppers have grown in popularity as a healthy snacking option—even falling victim to a recent TikTok trend combining mini sweet peppers, cream cheese, and everything-but-the-bagel seasoning! The rise in home chefs experimenting with peppers, as well as a general growth in consumption of spicy foods, continue to be driving factors behind their increasing demand and category growth,” Wylie added.

I will say this, any consumer, no matter their age, is flocking to TikTok, so you know you have a product score when it appears on the social media app.

As always, stick with us here AndNowUKnow for the latest in all things fresh produce.

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