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Japanese Magic Shop Sells

Japanese Magic Shop Sells "Love-Granting Apples" at $105 a Fruit

JAPAN - The fruit of knowledge seems to be gaining some interesting street credit, particularly a specific variety being sold as a premium product by Japan-based store Black Cat Magic Shop (Kuroneko Majutsu-ten in Japanese). The company credits the fruit with powers of “love-granting,” and is taking orders for 10,800 yen, or $105, a pop.

Grown at the foot of the Dewa Sanzen mountains in Yamagata Prefecture, source Rocket News 24 reports that the unfortunate translation for the variety is Poison Apples of Love’s Desire. The apples do not come with Snow White reports of deep sleep or death, fortunately, but are a revival of the shop’s sale of the same item last Valentine’s Day for the single customers looking for a quick-fix in time for Feb. 14th.Love-Granting Apple

Now, in celebration of potions and witchcraft themes that come with Halloween, the company is selling the item in a case worthy of the $100+ price tag. As for the powers Poison Apples are said to possess, Black Cat touts their ability to make the object of your unrequited affection fall in love with you, according to the report. Lest you be unsure how to use such power, each plush parcel includes instructions for proper spell-casting.

Supplies are limited, however, with only 18 Poison Apples in the latest batch. Feeling curious? You can place an order for your very own love-casting Poison Apple here, please don’t hesitate to tell us your results!

What other fresh produce surprises will Halloween yield? We can hardly wait to find out.