Jessica's 2017 PMA Fresh Summit Picks

Jessica's 2017 PMA Fresh Summit Picks

NEW ORLEANS, LA - We all survived another PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans! While it was my first time in the Louisiana cultural hub, the foodie-rich culture and the always-friendly vibes assured it won’t be my last. While memories of meals shared and conversations had are still dancing around my mind, a few sights from the Summit floor have carved out their own spot there as well. Get a look at a few of my favorites here.

North Shore Living™ New Look

North Shore Living™ New Look

North Shore Living™ products have undergone what the company is calling "a spiritual cleansing," and I must say, my spirit feels pretty great when I glance at the company's newly refreshed look. Simple, Honest, Clean, Trustworthy, and Authentic were all words that North Shore had in mind when designing this packaging, and it definitely shows. I'm always a big fan of negative space in branding, and looking at the new packaging, the clean white space brings a feeling of calm and relaxation over anyone who views it. And it doesn't hurt that there are yummy herbs and greens inside!

Chelan Fresh Cup o' Cherries

Chelan Fresh Cup of Cherries

This year’s cherry season reminded me that when it comes to the decadent fruit, my eyes are often a lot bigger than my stomach, and I doubt I’m alone. Every year that cherry craving comes back, I buy a giant bag, but inevitably find myself throwing or giving away the rest. That’s why when I saw Cup O’ Cherries at the show, I latched onto the idea. With Chelan Fresh’s product, eating cherries on-the-go is easy, you don’t have to buy an entire bag of fruit, AND it even has a receptacle where you can put the cherry pit. Talk about a well-thought-out product!

Highline Mushrooms Organic Mushroom Medleys

Highline Mushrooms Organic Mushroom Medleys 

In my mind, there are few savory dishes that can’t be given an extra punch of flavor and a boost in heartiness by adding a few mushrooms. The only problem is, sometimes when I get in front of the mushroom display at the store, I am overwhelmed with CHOICES. Now, to simplify that strife, there is Highline Mushrooms’ new Mushroom Medleys. Pre-packaged blends of mushrooms catered to give the perfect flavors for specific meal occasions, Highline has developed medleys for Sizzling Stir Frys, Steakhouse Style treats, and Pasta Perfect meals. And with each coming in an easy, grab-able 6 oz pouch, my choice is more simple than ever.

Love Beets Honey + Vinegar Diced Golden Beets

Love Beets Honey + Vinegar Diced Golden Beets 

Talk about yum! I love the earthy flavor and vibrant colors beets can bring to any dish, and this new offering of golden beets is no exception. They come pre-diced for easy use in anything from burger and salads to just eating them straight! You may have heard the phrase “nature’s candy” in reference to beets, but the light natural honey flavor and splash of vinegar awaken an array of delicious flavors that beets can offer. Skip dessert and pop a few of these in your mouth and you’re golden.

Concord Foods Fresh Success Line

 Concord Foods Fresh Success Line

A running theme in my Picks from the show floor seems to come down to the fact that I’m a lazy food-prepper! The easier the better, I don’t have time to develop the same flavors that you would find a chef making in a restaurant—at least I thought I didn’t. With Concord Foods new Fresh Success line of seasonings and smoothie mixes, it’s easy to create flavorful, healthy food with something just as simple as a packet. And if I’m one packet away from a tasty, nutrient-rich treat, that sounds like a win to me.

With so much happening on a show floor that spanned more than 1,000 exhibits, keep an eye out for more Picks from the ANUK team!
North Shore Living™ Chelan Fresh Highline Mushrooms Love Beets Concord Foods


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