Love Beets Launches Golden Beets Diced and Infused With Honey and Vinegar

Love Beets Launches Golden Beets Diced and Infused With Honey and Vinegar

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BALA CYNWYD, PA – You may have heard the phrase “Nature’s Candy” referring to beets before, but with Love Beets latest product, that phrase takes on new meaning. Introducing its new Honey and Vinegar Diced Golden Beets ahead of this year’s PMA, LoveBeets are taking flavor- and nutrient-rich golden beets and turning them into a delicious, versatile, and ready-to-eat product for sweet and savory food lovers alike.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets

“We’re delighted to present a long anticipated, golden beet to our product line, with a perfected recipe consisting of honey and vinegar marinade,” said George Shropshire, General Manager. “There has been a high demand for a golden beet offering since the beginning of Love Beets, and we are happy to provide a colorful, kid-friendly addition to our all natural, readyto-eat beet products.” 

Love Beets' Golden Beets Diced and Infused with Honey and Vinegar

What really gives Love Beets’ latest product its edge, however, is that the company has pre-diced its golden beets for simple and easy consumption, and with honey as the only added natural sweetener and vinegar to bring out its flavor, these value-added beets make for both a great stain-free alternative to red beets and a great substitute for candies for the kids. The golden beets are gluten-free with no added sugar, according to a press release, and pre-cut for consumers to make for a great “no mess, no fuss” ingredient or by-itself snack. 

Daniel Cross, Managing Director, Love Beets

“As well as the remarkable yellow-gold color, golden beets are typically sweeter and less earthy–meaning more sweet and mellow than red beets,” added Daniel Cross, Managing Director of the company’s production facility. “Golden beets have all the great nutrition and health benefits of red beets, but bring their vibrant bright yellow-gold color to salads, roasted vegetables, burgers, hot dogs, smoothies, and more.”

Also like their relative, the red beet, golden beets contain betalain, otherwise know as betanin, a powerful antioxidant. But that just scratches the surface of what golden beets have to offer.

“Nutritionally, golden beets are very similar to red beets, and are packed with other antioxidants, potassium, and nitrate, which lower blood pressure,” Daniel continued. “Golden beets are low calorie, a great source of fiber, and have a lot of calcium. We're thrilled to launch another product that maintains our commitment to providing healthy and convenient items.”

And as the company looks to continue its pledge to high quality, Love Beets plans to continue harvesting golden beets from the western region of New York State. The New York harvest has already begun, and will continue locally through October. In the spring, Love Beets plans to keep its harvest of golden beets in the U.S., remaining in top choice growing states such as Texas, Georgia, and California.

Want to learn more about Love Beets and its entire line of convenience- and health-focused beet solutions? Attendees of PMA Fresh Summit can find the team at booth #4400, and be sure to check out

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