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Mission Produce's Denise Junqueiro Discusses New Size Minded Program

Mission Produce's Denise Junqueiro Discusses New Size Minded Program

OXNARD, CA - Mission Produce is already taking September by storm as the company ramps up its efforts to bring a solution for every retailer and consumer’s avo-cassion. The new Size Minded program taps into the needs of the dynamic customer and shopper who want an avocado-based on their preferred usage.

Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing, took a beat from her busy day to share the latest and greatest with me as we kick off September.

Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing, Mission Produce“The true goal and vision of the Size Minded program is to support retailers in capitalizing on what the tree is producing, strategically develop their avocado category while attracting new shoppers, and increasing their sales velocity,” Denise shares, adding that these areas of focus will bring more value to the produce department and help drive traffic as well.

Many times consumers want a small avocado for that grab-and-go item, as a snack or to use as a topping, and without any leftovers, she adds. In other occasions, a large avocado works better for their avocado toast or Poke. How about the use for a jumbo avocado? Consumers like to use this size for a stuffed avocado or their guacamole.

Mission Produce's Size Minded program compares the difference between uses of sizes of avocados

“Size Minded gives retailers the merchandising support to give consumers more options for all their needs,” Denise reflects. “When it comes to retailers, some are used to only merchandising one particular size. When the tree is producing other sizes, this program gives them the support to merchandise differently. It helps them capitalize on the situation versus be challenged by it.”

Consider that variety in sizes is better than none—this can be seen in both strategically developing sales and increasing sales velocity.

“Two sizes are more profitable than one and our Avocado Intel program proves it. By carrying two bulk sizes with the Size Minded program you are able to grow the category and give those consumers what they want for all those avo-cassions,” Denise suggests.

Mission Produce is also using its Size Minded program as a platform to share avocado recipes

Mission’s new program goes the extra mile, helping retailers strategically showcase that second size in a separate or secondary bulk display, and also provides whip-smart point-of-sale materials to help enlighten shoppers.

“Consumers want more avocados in a multitude of ways,” Denise says. “They want a bag for that party they are throwing or to use throughout the week. And we can’t forget about the organic avocado for that conscious consumer. It used to be shoppers or consumers just bought avocados for their guacamole or taco night. Purchase behaviors are very different now and avocados are in the top five produce items for most retailers and they want to capitalize on this hot commodity.”

Through Size Minded, the company’s organic program, as well as Minis and Emeralds in the Rough, Mission feels that its retail partners are not only given support, but innovative new ways to approach the category.

The program will be hitting retail this fall and Mission will be supporting the retailers further by sharing recipes and usage ideas via its social channels @missionavocados Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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