MMA Fighter Holly Holm Challenged to Bruise A Potato

MMA Fighter Holly Holm Challenged to Bruise A Potato

ORLANDO, FL - Over the weekend former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm, made an appearance at Potandon Produce's booth and attempted to bruise a sack of J.R. Simplot’s White Russet™ potatoes.

Doug Cole, Director of Marketing and Communications, Simplot Plant Sciences“Holly was the perfect person to prove the point that White Russet™ potatoes are hard to bruise, providing the best available russet potato quality for consumers and a major waste savings,” said Doug Cole, Director of Marketing and Communications at J.R. Simplot Company, according to a press release.

Can’t bruise this! MMA fighter Holly Holm attempts to bruise the White Russet™ reduced bruising potato at the 2016 PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL at Potandon's Booth Photo credit: Alex Menendez, Associated Press Images.

Unfortunately for Holm, the White Russet potato stays fresher-looking longer, with up to 44 percent less bruising and reduced black spots. The variety has been developed over the past 14 years, selecting for traits that will aid consumers, growers, and retailers in keeping the produce looking fresh.

Holm is a world-class athlete and mixed martial arts fighter who held numerous boxing titles prior to turning to mixed martial arts. She is considered by many to be one of the best female boxers of all time and is the only person to have won world championships in both boxing and MMA.

It was an exciting weekend at PMA Fresh Summit, stay tuned with AndNowUKnow to discover which other companies knocked it out of the park.

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