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Monterey Mushrooms Launches Recipe e-book

Monterey Mushrooms Launches Recipe e-book

WATSONVILLE, CA - As mushroom popularity and plate use continues to expand, Monterey Mushrooms has created a meatless meal recipe e-book spotlighting Portobella mushrooms in particular.

Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Manager, Monterey Mushrooms“This time of year, you have New Year’s resolution dieters, people who do Meatless Mondays, or those who are adopting the flexitarian trend of substituting meat with other things; mushrooms work well for all those eating habits,” Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Manager, said in a press release.

Download Monterey Mushroom’s Meatless Recipe e-book

Developed for those seeking meat alternatives, the recipes include a number of popular food favorites, including the following:

  • Pizza
  • Enchiladas
  • Burger
  • Lasagna

The company is well-versed in this area, having created an electronic guide to mushroom nutrition last year to help retail partners promote the health benefits of mushrooms to shoppers. Also well received by consumers was its Mushroom Small Bites & Beer Pairings guide. Monterey Mushrooms is planning to promote the e-book via its social media channels and website.

Monterey Mushrooms' Guide to Meatless Meals ebook

“People are looking for information in digital formats and we want to make it easy to find,” Roberts said.

This is the latest in mushroom-powered offerings from the grower. It recently launched its line of finely diced mushrooms, aptly named Let’s Blend, ready to be blended with ground meat. For more exciting news on how this and other companies are bringing fresh produce to the center of the plate, continue to follow AndNowUKnow.

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