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Mucci Farms is moving towards becoming the first greenhouse company in Canada with a carbon zero certification as an entire group. The company is slated to receive the certificate by the end of March with the long term goal of 5% reduction in carbon intensity over the next five years. In addition to the company's green pursuits, Mucci farms has also begun picking the first Canadian Tomatoes on the Vine. The company finished construction early on its recent greenhouse expansion; allowing Mucci to plant weeks ahead of other growers. Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales, tells AndNowUKnow, "We are out of the gate and ready to offer our signature tomatoes for our retail partners. It is going to be an exciting month here at Mucci Farms."Mission Produce is ramping up for its Hass Avocado season in California, which will kick off this month with volume increasing each coming week. The company is expecting the crop to be 20-25% larger than last year's. Mission's harvest in Mexico is currently in full-swing offering peak quality and taste with production also up over last season's yields. Jim Donovan, VP of Business Development, tells AndNowUKnow, "With the associations in each country of origin and the Hass Avocado Board offering a multitude of different promotional programs, activities, and media opportunities, now is a great time for showcasing avocados front and center in produce departments."

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We’ve grown to become the world's leader in producing, distributing and marketing fresh Hass avocados. As a vertically...

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