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Mucci Farms Wins for Flavour at the 11th Annual Greenhouse Competition

Mucci Farms Wins for Flavour at the 11th Annual Greenhouse Competition

LEAMINGTON, ON - Mucci Farms announced that it was awarded several top prizes at the 11th Annual Greenhouse Competition held at the Leamington Fair. The big winner was Smuccies™ Sweet Strawberries, which won the all new strawberry category with Best Overall Strawberry, People’s Choice, and Kid’s Choice awards. In addition, its newest item, Cutecumber™ Poppers—a one-bite cucumber variety—was awarded the People’s Choice award in the cucumber category. Rustico™ Long Red Peppers—an item geared for grilling season—took home the award for best Specialty Long Pepper, along with English Cucumbers winning the Coolest Cucumber category.

Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms“Smuccies are a prized possession for us, so it’s really special to win three awards in the category in the inaugural year,” said Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing. “At Mucci Farms, we prioritize flavor right from the first step which is to identify the best seed varieties, followed by the best and safest growing methods. We’re grateful to the judges and the local community for recognizing our team and our growers for all the work they’ve put in.”

Ajit Saxena with RCMP Officers

New to the competition this year was the highly anticipated strawberry category, one that the company noted has been gaining lots of notoriety in the greenhouse space in recent years.

The Greenhouse Competition is presented at the Leamington Fair by REACH International to celebrate Essex County as being the largest greenhouse industry in North America.

Greenhouse Competition awards

All net proceeds from the event are dedicated to REACH International's Uganda project aimed at building schools, clinics, and providing care for impoverished children in the African country.

Danny Mucci, President, Mucci International Marketing“The objectives of REACH International line up seamlessly with our goals of giving back to those less fortunate, so we enjoy participating in this competition for the charity aspect as much, or even more than receiving awards,” remarked Danny Mucci, President of Mucci International Marketing.

Winners for the two-day Greenhouse Competition were selected in two stages. According to a company press release, judges from across the food industry judged each entry before the public was allowed in the competition tent.

Fernanda Albuquerque accepting an award

The entry with the highest score for each category and the overall competition were declared the winners. Once official judging was complete, the public was given the opportunity to taste all the entries and vote for the People’s Choice Award and Kid’s Choice Awards.

Congratulations, Mucci Farms, on another year of wins!

Mucci Farms

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