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Ocean Mist Prepares for its Peak Artichoke Season

Ocean Mist Prepares for its Peak Artichoke Season

CASTROVILLE, CA - Ocean Mist Farms is preparing for Spring, the peak season for its heirloom artichokes, specifically the green globe.

The green globe, according to Ocean Mist, is an heirloom artichoke because, “it is a perennial plant that is regrown from original rootstock that dates back as far as the 1924 with Ocean Mist Farms.”

The green globe is one of the original artichoke varieties that Italian immigrants brought to California back in the 1900s and has since been passed down through the 90 years Ocean Mist has been growing.

Referred to by chefs as the “red label,” the company encourages this variety of artichokes for cooking.

Ocean Mist is hosting and providing a variety of activities to support heirloom artichoke sales, including radio advertising, consumer sweepstakes, display and sales contests with partner retailers, and geo-targeted messages to more than 40,000 members of the company’s Artichoke Club.

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