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Robert Lambert, Mark Cassius & Frank Swanson Tout Interprez

Robert Lambert, Mark Cassius & Frank Swanson Tout Interprez

UNITED STATES - Are PowerPoint presentations boring you? You’re not alone. Despite the endless stream of text on a series of slides, the mundane graphics, and the over-the-top animations, we tend to attribute a lot of value to these presentations because good storytelling often wins hearts and wallets. Here at AndNowUKnow, however, we wanted to inspire people to present in a different way.

Robert Lambert, CEO and Founder of ANUK and The Snack Magazine

"We saw an opportunity to leverage the popularity of smartphones and current technology to provide a fresh way of presenting ideas using HTML 5 and Web Sockets. Our presentation platform, Interprez, is our way of telling the produce industry that there’s more to the art of presenting than putting plain text on a slide," said AndNowUKnow CEO Robert Lambert. "Just as the name implies, Interprez gives people something interactive to do while they’re watching a presentation, whether that’s taking a live survey or answering trivia questions."

Developed by Robert Lambert and our CTO, Carlos Palacio, Interprez is a web-based application that allows your presentation to be viewed by anyone on their smartphone’s Internet browser so long as they have your custom-created presentation URL. And better yet – the presentation slides can be controlled remotely on a laptop or on a smartphone. Now people can actually participate in your presentation and become actively involved in the story, rather than plainly sitting and watching a few slides go by. If you were to ask a survey question, for example, participants can use their smartphones to vote and see the data from the survey in real time. Or you can let participants watch a video on their smartphone while the speaker has a slide on the screen. We are currently exploring opportunities that would allow others to use Interprez on webinars or other applications.

Audience members take part in an Interprez live survey at Viva Fresh 2015

Industry members are already raving about the potential behind Interprez, including Mark Cassius, SunFed’s Executive Vice President & General Manager.

Mark Cassius, Executive Vice President & General Manager, SunFed“Interprez is a great tool as almost everyone carries a smartphone. There are opportunities here to really engage the audience and invite them to be participants instead of just simply attendees,” said Cassius. “The platform allows for immediate feedback during presentations and promotes dialogue in a new way.”

If you want to see Interprez in action, come to this year’s Viva Fresh Produce Expo. Melinda Goodman of FullTilt Marketing and Sherry Frey, Senior Vice President of the Nielsen Perishables Group, will be using Interprez to present insights into consumer behavior and how that will influence the future shopping experience. You probably got a chance to see Interprez being used during one of the virtual tour sessions at Viva Fresh last year. We’re proud that Interprez is coming back for another year, and it’s going to be bigger than ever before.

Industry members using their smartphone to follow along with an Interprez presentation

Frank Swanson, US Foods’ Senior Manager of Produce Sourcing, shared a few thoughts on the platform after seeing it at last year’s Viva Fresh.

Frank Swanson, Senior Manager of Produce Sourcing, US Foods“The audience participation using their phones to vote at the Viva Fresh event made the presentations more engaging, and I look forward to seeing this used more in the future,” Frank tells us.

That’s just the start. The future is bright for Interprez, and we can’t wait to share more news with you soon. Stay tuned.

Viva Fresh Produce Expo