Sakata Seed America Announces Acquisition of Danziger Blocky Pepper Program

Sakata Seed America Announces Acquisition of Danziger Blocky Pepper Program

MORGAN HILL, CA - The global seed breeder continues its reach around the globe, this time setting its sights in Israel. Sakata Seed America announced the acquisition of the blocky bell pepper breeding program from Danziger “Dan” Seeds Ltd of Israel. The acquisition, which includes several existing commercial varieties in the market, will enable Sakata’s global, world-class breeder network to combine Danziger’s genetics with existing Sakata blocky bell pepper advancements and bring more outstanding products to market.

Brian Zingel, Senior Sweet Pepper Product Manager, Sakata Seed America“We’re very excited to tap into this resource to better serve the blocky bell pepper market, not only in USMCA, but globally, as well,” stated Bryan Zingel, Senior Sweet Pepper Product Manager for Sakata. “Danziger has an exceptional breeding program and commercial variety portfolio focused on the Mexico mid-tech market, as well as U.S. growers utilizing high tunnel and shade cover growing practices.”

The purchase entitles Sakata to all existing assets of Danziger’s blocky bell pepper breeding program and will further solidify Sakata’s prominent position in the global pepper market.

Sakata Seed America recently acquired the blocky bell pepper breeding program from Danziger “Dan” Seeds Ltd of Israel

According to a press release, Danziger developed its blocky bell pepper varieties using fast-track computational breeding technology from seed breeding specialist, Equinom Ltd., an ag-tech seed innovator that integrates cutting-edge technology with data-driven breeding methodology. The technology enables the company to breed non-GMO varieties with high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Michael Danziger, Chief Executive Officer, Danziger Seeds“Here at Danziger, we are very happy that our pepper varieties are now in the hands of Sakata, as we are convinced that Sakata will do a great job in maximizing the potential of our breeding program and varieties to create value for Sakata, the pepper growers, and consumers around the world,” Micha Danziger, CEO of Danziger Seeds, commented.

Sakata’s Senior Director of Research and Development, Jeff Zischke, played a key role in the company’s strategic acquisition of the program.

Jeff Zischke, Senior Director of Research and Development, Sakata Seed America“Sakata has a global network that can expand and amplify this blocky bell pepper program worldwide,” Zischke stated. “We look forward to advancing these exceptional genetics to build a more comprehensive pepper program for the global market.”

Sakata Seed America will call upon its extensive network of global affiliates to continue to develop the program to its fullest potential and increase its reach. All existing Danziger commercial varieties will be made available to the industry via Sakata Seed America, effective immediately.

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