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Sambazon Launches Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs

Sambazon Launches Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - Pioneer of sustainable Amazon Superfoods™, Sambazon is on a mission to bring delicious, organic superfruit nutrition to retailers and consumers everywhere. Debuting in January are the company’s Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs, an exotic blend of organic Acerola, pineapple, and banana that can be blended into a top-notch smoothie.

Ryan Black, Co-Founder and CEO, Sambazon“We are thrilled to introduce the Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs, which is the beginning of a new line of innovative products full of nutrient dense ingredients and health benefits,” said Ryan Black, Co-Founder and CEO. “Acerola not only tastes delicious, but the superfruit has incredible immune-boosting properties to help keep families healthy throughout the year! Our Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs are a great way to quickly fuel up for the day ahead while naturally fighting off illness.”

Though not widely known, Acerola is a type of cherry native to the Amazon Rainforest. According to the press release, Acerola is a mighty superfruit, and one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C, with immune-boosting properties. Containing powerful antioxidants that help promote heart and eye health and good digestion, Acerola is also naturally low-sugar and low-calorie, and a welcome addition to Sambazon’s Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs.

Sambazon's Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants

The company is well known for its delicious and purposeful açaí products that run the gamut from frozen fruits and desserts, to energy drinks and fresh juices. The use of Acerola as a main ingredient in its Superfruit Packs serves as a way to diversify the company’s line of products. The Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs are perfect for the health-conscious consumer, as just one serving contains 10 times the vitamin C of an orange and is only 40 calories, with no added sugar.

Not stopping with the Superfruit Packs, Sambazon is launching a Low Calorie Blood Orange Acerola Energy Drink in early 2019. The energy drink is a blend of blood orange and, you guessed it, Acerola juice, culminating in an excellent source of vitamin C. This isn’t just any old blend of juice, however, as it contains the caffeine equivalent of two shots of espresso while being made up of organic clean energy from guaraná, yerba mate, and green tea.

Starting January 1, the Tropical Immunity Superfruit Packs will be available in Southern California Albertsons, Vons, Wegmans, Sprouts, and more. Los Angeles Costco locations will begin stocking the healthy juice blend starting mid-March.

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