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Tanimura & Antle's Anthony Mazzuca Discusses California Season and More

Tanimura & Antle's Anthony Mazzuca Discusses California Season and More

SALINAS, CA - Graduation celebrations, summer kick-offs, and more are in full-swing this time of year, which means neighborhoods are out grocery shopping in full force to find all that they need to grill and grub the warm nights away. And what’s a grilling party without leafy greens and fresh onions for burger toppings, big salads, and center-plate alternatives? Boring, I’ll tell you!

Tanimura & Antle's Iceberg Lettuce

I caught up with Tanimura & Antle’s Sr. Director of Commodity Management Anthony Mazzuca to find out how the grower’s California vegetable season is going after recently transitioning from the San Joaquin Valley to the Salinas Valley.

Anthony Mazzuca, Sr. Director of Commodity Management, Tanimura & Antle“Despite the depressed demand for Romaine, our California-grown Iceberg lettuce and other leafy greens are experiencing a significant uptick in demand as a result,” Anthony tells me. “Processor demand for Iceberg acres has helped to add fuel to a market that has already caught fire.”

The weather in the Salinas Valley has been cooler than normal which has slowed growth for a variety of commodities. Currently, acres are being prematurely harvested in order to meet demand, which, as a result, has also decreased yields. Anthony tells me increased demand coupled with slowed growth and diminished yields will keep availability tight and markets strong for the rest of spring.

Not to mention, this grilling season has to potentially be the best yet, thanks to Tanimura & Antle introducing a fresh product to the market.

Tanimura & Antle's Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions

“On May 1st, we started shipping our Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions. We just transitioned from storage onions to fresh harvest in the desert. Both our conventional and organic Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions are unrivaled in quality, flavor, and freshness during the summer months,” Anthony continues.

In addition, retailers looking to hop on the Tanimura & Antle train should be on the lookout for its Be Bold display contest happening May 14th through July 8th, calling retailers far and wide to spruce it up in their produce aisles.

For more of the latest happening crop-side, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

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