Todd Linsky Consulting Introduces Produce Therapy® with New Website

Todd Linsky Consulting Introduces Produce Therapy® with New Website

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Todd Linsky Consulting (TLC), a company dedicated to serving the comprehensive needs of produce businesses worldwide, is introducing Produce Therapy® to the industry through its new website.

Todd Linsky, Founder, Todd Linsky Consulting

“You must have purpose greater than just economic benefit. This demands a clear mission, a trained team capable of understanding and sharing your purpose, and the right people in the right place to execute the vision,” Todd Linsky, Founder, and 30-year veteran of the produce industry states. “Longevity and success is not dictated by size alone. The ‘too big to fail’ theory isn’t valid. A disciplined approach that can anticipate and respond to the nuances of the produce space is critical. A team that understands that, believes that, and operates as one voice is imperative.”

With the launch of its new website, the company noted in a press release, Linsky, along with his highly-motivated team, are excited to change the conversation surrounding work place culture.


“There is a cultural crisis in leadership today,” noted the company’s press release. “To retain and develop employees it is imperative to find out who they are rather than what they do.”

TLC has introduced Produce Therapy®, a distinctive tool designed to develop excellence in the internal culture of your business model. According to the company, a recent study has shown that 82 percent of employees don’t trust their bosses to tell the truth. Produce Therapy®, a method developed over 30 years of hands on produce experience, from field to boardroom, works hand in hand with companies to understand and define their core purpose, redirect their efforts, and unite their teams to achieve their goals.


TLC’s goal with Produce Therapy is to discover the unique heart of each company and work to make it whole, one person at a time. Through directed interviews and in depth discussions TLC is able to guide strategy, improve team relations, and revitalize a company’s bottom line.

TLC’s team offers a variety of services including brand development, grower-retailer relations, and asset development. Interested parties can visit for details.

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