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Walmart Launches Contact-Free Strategy

Walmart Launches Contact-Free Strategy

BENTONVILLE, AR - How can retailers encourage consumers to practice social distancing? It is a difficult task that all our industry’s grocers have had to face as of late, and many are pivoting to “pick-up only” formats. Last week, Kroger announced that it was testing a pick-up only store, and Walmart recently launched a similar strategy. Announced in a statement from Janey Whiteside, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Walmart is honing in on two initiatives during this time.

Janey Whiteside,  Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Walmart“We’re in unprecedented times. The way we’re all living and shopping is changing. We know customers want and need to be served differently. And, we’re moving quickly to adapt to those changing needs. It’s one way we can help to add some stability to our customers’ lives,” explained Whiteside. “We’re adapting by offering customers no-contact services for payment, pickup, and delivery options. By doing this, we’re adding another layer of safety for our customers and associates.”

First off, Walmart is implementing a no-contact payment strategy that allows customers to check out with absolutely no contact at the registers. To do so, the retailer is launching Walmart Pay on the Walmart app. Now, all customers who have a smartphone can simply scan a QR code and Walmart Pay is synced, allowing customers to pay completely free of contact.

In addition to implementing a no-contact payment strategy, Walmart is also rolling out a new no contact pickup and delivery service

Second, Whiteside noted Walmart’s new no-contact pickup and delivery initiative as a response to challenges during this time. As the retailer has seen an overwhelming need for these services in the last number of weeks, Walmart is now adding even more safety measures. Pickup customers can simply open their trunk and associates will load their groceries in. And for delivery, drivers have been asked to simply leave the order on customers’ doorsteps.

Whiteside concluded her statement by expressing that customers and communities are relying on grocers now more than ever.

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