Walmart Opens 134 Stores in Mexico in 2019

Walmart Opens 134 Stores in Mexico in 2019

MEXICO - Walmart Mexico (Walmex) kicked off 2019 with the strategic optimization of its supplier relationships in February. This strategy proved to be quite successful as by the year’s end, the retailer had finalized its biggest Mexico expansion since 2013, opening 134 new stores within one of Walmart’s largest markets, according to CNBC.

Walmart maintained its growth in the Mexico market, opening its biggest store count in the region since 2013

Now with 3,407 stores in the country, Mexico has the largest number of Walmart locations besides the United States, as stated by the company in a monthly report. The majority of these new stores fall under the Bodega Aurrera family including the Bodega Express format, which is more cost effective to build than some of Walmart’s other formats. According to the news source, the Bodega chain is Walmart’s way of appealing to low-income communities in Mexico.

In addition to the surplus of Walmex locations, the company reported a 2.6-percent rise in sales for December, while the overall sales for Mexico locations rose by 4.1 percent.

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