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Walmart Partners up with BuzzFeed's Tasty for Recipes and Purchasing Convenience

Walmart Partners up with BuzzFeed's Tasty for Recipes and Purchasing Convenience

BENTONVILLE, AR - Striking up a partnership with recipe treasure trove Tasty of BuzzFeed, Walmart will now have an audience with users possibly looking for kitchen tools, appliances, and groceries with the app’s tens of millions of followers.

Sumaiya Balbale, Vice President of e-commerce, Walmart"Consumers today are shopping very differently," Sumaiya Balbale, Walmart's Vice President of e-commerce, Mobile, and Digital Marketing, told Business Insider in an interview. "Content and commerce are coming together in more seamless and impactful ways."

The deal between the two will provide users visiting Tasty’s step-by-step recipe videos with information on how they can get their hands on pots, pans, bakeware, and kitchen tools—the works! Orders will go directly to Walmart’s website and Jet.com, which is owned by the former; this is, however, the first time both grocery companies are coming together for an exclusive deal with a media company.

The next step in this process will be the addition of links on both sites, which will provide even more convenience when the seemingly inevitable time comes to purchase the goods to make consumers' mealtime dreams come true.

This new partnership will open the window of opportunity for Walmart by giving the retail chain exposure to vast new audiences and potential customers, growing its online grocery business with links for purchase easily located within app. With 91 million Facebook followers and an estimated 65 billion+ views on the company’s highly shareable recipe videos, Walmart is likely to reach many a new face with this deal.

The Tasty App will now allow users to order products to create delicious dishes straight from the appThis has reportedly been in the works for months. According to the same Business Insider article, Balbale said that Tasty is “redefining how people find recipes,” which consequently inspired the retailer. With this spark, Walmart is hoping to ignite interest in its products with new and familiar shoppers.

Will this new partnership light a fire in millennials, urban shoppers, and tech-savvy customers anew? AndNowUKnow will keep you up-to-date with the tastiest industry news!

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