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Watermelon Industry Sees Strong Market Ahead of 4th of July Holiday, Ryan Van Groningen, Michael Valpredo, and Erick Christensen Discuss

Watermelon Industry Sees Strong Market Ahead of 4th of July Holiday, Ryan Van Groningen, Michael Valpredo, and Erick Christensen Discuss

CALIFORNIA - The 4th of July is rapidly approaching, and with it a rising demand for sweet, California watermelons. With temperatures hitting highs in the hundreds and markets looking very strong, I checked in with the watermelon industry to find out what we can expect ahead of the big holiday.

Ryan Van Groningen, Sales Manager, Van Groningen & Sons

“Right now, we’re seeing almost historic highs in the market for June,” Ryan Van Groningen, Sales Manager for Van Groningen & Sons tells me. “The cool and then very hot temperatures put yields lower than average for a while, but the bright side of this heat is that people can’t wait to get their hands on watermelon. Prices may be higher, but demand is so strong that consumers may not even give a second look.”

Van Groningen & Sons Watermelons

Growers throughout the southern San Joaquin Valley have been hitting their peak due to these higher-than average temperatures, and what were dwindling supplies have now become much more plentiful.

Michael Valpredo, President, Country Sweet Produce

“Last week’s heatwave was a huge boost for our melon crop, and we needed it,” shares Country Sweet Produce President Michael Valpredo. “Timing-wise, it's ideal for the big holiday push over the next 4-5 days. We think our Bako Sweet® watermelon will be a major hit for all the 4th of July festivities about to happen. Just in time.”

Bako Sweet® Melons at Retail

Continued hot weather also means people are clamoring for that refreshing watermelon taste all summer, and with the stronger than usual start, the industry shared with me that the market is now as good as it’s been in recent memory and will perhaps be staying that way for the foreseeable future.

Erick Christensen, Sales Representative, Prime Time International

“Supplies are looking good out of Bakersfield right now,” Erick Christensen, Sales Representative at Prime Time International continues. “Farmers are getting good FOB pricing and the market is looking very solid. The market shouldn’t flex much on price per pound and FOB pricing as we head into the 4th, but may dip just a bit after the rush from the holiday.”

Prime Time International Watermelons

With weather hot and markets hotter, the watermelon industry is in for one strong 4th of July holiday. For more on the category as we see demand for summer melons keep rising, keep returning to AndNowUKnow for the latest.

Van Groningen & Sons Country Sweet Produce Prime Time International

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