Wendy's Highlights Fresh Blackberries through Peak Season

Wendy's Highlights Fresh Blackberries through Peak Season

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DUBLIN, OH – Further exemplifying the chain’s commitment to utilizing only the freshest ingredients, Wendy’s has announced that the restaurant will feature blackberries for a limited-time in its Summer Berry Chicken Salad.

Carl Loredo, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Wendy's “After years of planning and hard work, we are proud to serve fresh blackberries at the peak of their season—something no other national QSR [quick-service restaurant] is able to deliver—and continue to pioneer for quality and freshness in the food industry,” stated Carl Loredo, VP of Brand Marketing at Wendy’s. “Our new Summer Berry Chicken Salad is an incredible example of how Wendy’s allows customers to enjoy ingredients fresh from the farm, literally.” 

Wendy’s stated in a press release that this effort to bring blackberries fresh to consumers began two years ago. The result is bursting berries from qualified growers, to be highlighted only throughout blackberries’ peak season; when the berries are gone, the offering will end.

Wendy’s stated that by keeping Founder Dave Thomas’ mission, “Quality is Our Recipe®” at the forefront of its culinary innovations, it is now the first national QSR to feature blackberries in its products. 

“At Wendy’s, fresh is not just a word but a personal challenge to which we are dedicated,” finished Loredo. 

To further engage consumers with its commitment to freshness, Wendy’s has released a video outlining its dedication to quality. See for yourself below. 

Wendy’s stated that the entire salad, like of all its fresh offerings, exemplifies its “Fresh from the Farm,” and “Only the Best” policies. As we previously reported, Church Brothers Farms was recently featured in a Wendy’s spotlight for its role in contributing to fresh QSR food for consumers.

The Summer Berry Chicken Salad pairs fresh blackberries with strawberries and crunch red apple chips, on a bed of fresh-cut lettuce, topped with feta. Featuring freshly grilled chicken and a light blackberry vinaigrette, Wendy’s stated that this 390-calorie salad will make any consumer feel summer-ready as long as the berries last.

As Wendy’s continues to put blackberries and other forms of fresh produce at the forefront of its consumer offerings, stay with AndNowUKnow as we report on innovations in the QSR realm.