What Watermelon Dish Are You Based on Your Astrological Sign?

What Watermelon Dish Are You Based on Your Astrological Sign?

SACRAMENTO, CA - Have you ever wondered what melon dish best represented who you are as a person? Never?! Well, I’m here to fill you in. What you are might surprise you…

Taurus - Watermelon Ham

For those out of the loop, the watermelon ham is the latest and greatest romantic entree. For the logical but romantic Taurus, this dish ticks off the necessary ingredients for date night: surprising, delicious, and creative to boot!

Cancer - Watermelon Gazpacho

Cold soup is a polarizing dish. You either love it or you hate it. Being the imaginative crab, Cancers see this recipe as an exercise in trying something new! Blending watermelon with lime, salt, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes is the perfect cool-down summer dish.

Leo - Watermelon Salsa

Lions like a little spice in their life, and for this fire sign, salsa is the go-to meal. Replace tomatoes with watermelon, and voila! You’ve got yourself a spicy and refreshing dish that will tame any lion.

Libra - Sliced Watermelon on Burgers

As artists, Libras know that sometimes you have to break out of the box. What better way to tip the scales toward flavor nirvana than by replacing the stereotypical—read, boring—slice of cheese with a slice of watermelon?

Aries - Watermelon Margarita

Fellow Aries, you know we’re a bit fiery, which makes a margarita the perfect accompaniment to our ram-headed ways. Mixing watermelon juice, a jalapeño simple syrup, and tequila is one sure-fire way to put a spring in our step.

Virgo - Watermelon Popsicle

The practical Virgo knows a thing or two about making dishes that can be prepped and left alone. Whirring up watermelon into an icy mixture that they can pop out of the freezer whenever they want?

Sagittarius - Watermelon Nachos

This archer need only fly one arrow into the target that is perfection. (Too much?) Both optimistic and brave, Sagittarians will not run away from a culinary challenge. Nachos, in all their infinite possibilities, are the perfect match.

Capricorn - Watermelon Cocktails

The goat sign doesn’t limit itself to only one drink—looking at you, Aries. Intelligent and practical, you guys know that watermelon could be added to many liquors to make them great. Maybe try a watermelon mojito next?

Aquarius - Watermelon Balls in Dish

This air sign is both original and friendly, so it stands to reason that you represent the best and most simple dish. Everyone who loves watermelon loves the effortlessness and ease of melon balls, and it’s likely they love you, too!

Gemini - Watermelon Pizza

The multifaceted Gemini would agree with me that pizza can be both savory and sweet, so I won’t limit them to a choice. Topped with yogurt and fruit or feta and tomatoes, you can make this pizza into anything you want!

Pisces - Watermelon Smoothie

The fish sign lives for aesthetics, and there’s perhaps nothing as aesthetic as a fruit smoothie. (We’ve all seen Instagram.) Bright pink and topped with a watermelon slice, you guys will be the talk of the town after crafting this drink.

Scorpio - Watermelon Salad

Mysterious and independent, the scorpion marches to the beat of its own drum. You rational folks don’t need to be reminded to eat your salads—you’re already crafting up new ones!

Looking for other astrological lists? Let us know which fruit or veg item we should do next!