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Whole Foods Market Opens

Whole Foods Market Opens "Bodega-Like" Store Format

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Whole Foods Market is changing its tune and singing out, in a voice suspiciously similar to this year’s Grammys host, “those New York streets will make you feel brand new, bodegas will inspire you…” Inspire indeed. According to a report by Eater, the specialty grocer opened a new convenience store concept in the city of bodegas and corner stores earlier this year. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

The grocer is calling it the Whole Foods Market Daily Shop and introduced it as a bodega-like format that offers New York City shoppers an alternative to traditional grocery formats. The shop is located in Chelsea, New York, on the corner of Seventh Avenue and 25th Street and features self-checkout kiosks, an açaí bowl station, traditional grab-and-go items (like bagels, pastries, etc.), common grocery store items (including a mini produce aisle and local goodies), and convenience store items (like toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.).

Whole Foods has introduced a bodega-like format for its new store located in Chelsea, New York

So far this year, Whole Foods Market has been up, down, and all around, after announcing major 2019 expansion plans, then plans to drop its 365 banner, and most recently celebrating its 500th store. But with this first-of-its-kind concept for the specialty grocer, will Whole Foods smooth out its year and be able to set a course straight to the top? AndNowUKnow will continue to report as more grocery retailers turn to convenience and new format stores as a means to cope in the competitive retail landscape.

Whole Foods Market