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48forty Solutions New Solo Venture, Kyle Otting and Hillary Femal Discuss

48forty Solutions New Solo Venture, Kyle Otting and Hillary Femal Discuss

ATLANTA, GA - Growing produce is one thing, but getting it where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, is a whole other beast—and a beast with multiple heads at that. But one company is rising to the occasion. New in name, but not to the industry, CHEP Recycled is breaking out in 2018 with a new name and brand: 48forty Solutions. Previously owned by Brambles, which sold the CHEP Recycled business to private equity firm Grey Mountain Partners, this new go-to source for pallet management solutions is making its debut and generating excitement.

With pallet expertise at its heart; and technology, cost-efficiency, and most importantly, the customer at the forefront of the business, 48forty Solutions is newly minted and stepping onto the industry scene ready to change the game of recycled pallets. I spoke with CEO Kyle Otting and Vice President of National Sales, Marketing, and Customer Operations Hillary Femal to learn more about the company’s new solo venture.

Kyle Otting, CEO, 48forty Solutions“Under this new ownership, we have been given the opportunity to get back to operating as an entrepreneurial business,” Kyle tells me. “Considering we have over 2,000 competitors in the marketplace that have the ability to react very quickly, we need to be able to do the same. This new ownership structure will allow us to do that for the benefit of our customers, help us look for creative solutions to supply chain problems, and utilize technology to our advantage to drive cost-effective solutions and leverage our vast network.”

A worker at 48forty Solutions

CHEP Recycled brings the new 48forty Solutions well over twenty years of experience in the industry and this is the first time in twenty years that the entity has had its own purpose.

Hillary Femal, Vice President of National Sales, 48forty Solutions“We define that purpose as offering simple, cost-effective pallet management solutions to our retail and manufacturing customer bases,” Hillary says. “We set our own strategy now. We put the customer first and foremost, both locally and nationally. We have strong relationships with our local manufacturers and retailers, which is the key to our growth, and our extensive network allows us to grow even more into areas we haven’t gone before.”

While the company is growing every day, Hillary tells me this growth did not come without challenges.

A stamp is pressed on a pallet

“We’re in the process of standing up on our own, and right now our biggest challenge is making sure we have everything in place to continue to operate as a sound business while running full speed ahead,” Hillary explains.

Now as a standalone company, 48forty Solutions is focused on these three strategies to better serve its customers:

  1. Offering a whole gambit of solutions relating to pallets and warehousing, including selling recycled pallets, purchasing used pallets, packaging supplies, and on-site services
  2. Building transparency and trust through rigorous safety, quality, and compliance programs while employing sophisticated IT systems that are transforming a traditionally paper-based industry
  3. Offering a better customer experience and helping customers live easier despite their busy schedules

Not to mention, 48forty Solutions’ company tagline is “Pallet management made simple,” something the company is using to differentiate itself at every step of its business. One way in particular that the business is proving its value is through an online customer portal where customers have the ability to order pallets at their desk online or through their smart phone, which Kyle says is a step in the right direction for our industry.

A worker stacks pallets in the warehouse

And, as a new company, I had to ask about the chosen name, 48forty, and both Hillary and Kyle laugh.

“48forty is a cheeky reference to the dimensions of a standard GMA pallet, 48 by 40 inches—the most well-known dimension for pallets. We thought the name would be memorable, fun, and reflective of our company culture now that we’re spun off from CHEP,” Kyle explains. “What we developed with our brand reflects what we are today: we’re entrepreneurial, we get better everyday, we roll up your sleeves, get our hands dirty, and get things done—that’s who we are and that’s who our customers are and so the look and feel of our name, brand, and logo reflect that.”

With a vast network of company owned facilities and assets, including a fleet of 4,500 trailers, 39 company-owned and operated U.S. facilities, six Canadian facilities, 180 affiliates, and 2,400 employees, 48forty Solutions is ready to be a one-stop-shop for the produce industry’s pallet needs from coast-to-coast.

For more on companies changing the produce industry for the better, AndNowUKnow will continue to report with the latest.

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