AC Brands' Emma Koehler Talks Sumo Citrus® Merchandising

AC Brands' Emma Koehler Talks Sumo Citrus® Merchandising

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MILPITAS, CA - Just before the new year, I got an exclusive look at AC Brands’ dynamic Sumo Citrus® season. Shipments out of California’s Central Valley began January 4, and retailers like Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods were quick to jump on this limited-time opportunity to capture sales. Emma Koehler, Assistant Brand Manager at AC Brands, recently reached out to detail retailers’ creative merchandising strategies, and what all buyers can do to maximize ROI.

Emma Koehler, Assistant Brand Manager, AC Brands“The fruit itself has a unique size and shape which helps pique the interest of consumers, but what really drives sales is our retailers and their efforts to merchandise Sumo Citrus and educate their customers,” Emma told me. “Some key tips we have are to build eye-catching displays in high-traffic locations, such as the front of the store; separate Sumo Citrus from other citrus varieties to make it stand out; and most of all, talk about the product!”

When retailers build out amazing displays, consumers take note and are encouraged to try Sumo Citrus. This year marks the 10th season of Sumos being on the market, and AC Brands has seen a strong affinity for the fruit, with more and more consumers trying it every year.

“Sumo Citrus is a unique product. We know our retailers are interested in bringing fresh new products into the store for their customers to discover, and Sumo Citrus does just that!” Emma continued. “We have seen some larger-than-life displays this season—the bigger the better!”

These special mandarins are notoriously difficult to grow, but the company’s team of expert growers has been perfecting them for the past 20 years. AC Brands’ Sumo season kicks off in the heart of the winter, when consumers’ health is top of mind, and lasts through April. Stocking up on immunity-boosting foods is especially important during these colder months, and Sumo Citrus helps to check that box by providing 163 percent of consumers’ daily value of Vitamin C.

Be sure to check out the exciting retail displays featured in our slideshow above. For more of the latest fresh produce news, keep clicking back to ANUK.

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