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AgroFresh Solutions to Present Technological Delivery Solutions at PMA Fresh Summit

AgroFresh Solutions to Present Technological Delivery Solutions at PMA Fresh Summit

PHILADELPHIA, PA - It wouldn’t be PMA Fresh Summit time without an already pages-long to-do list full of all the exciting innovations to preview and companies to visit at this year’s show. One company that’s towards the top of our list is AgroFresh Solutions, a leading freshness solutions provider that will be showcasing a few of said solutions in Anaheim, California, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of this month.

Narciso Vivot, Retail Solutions Global Director, AgroFresh Solutions“At AgroFresh, we’re focused on providing solutions for the entire fresh produce supply chain and for a broad variety of crops. We’re proud to present our comprehensive lineup of freshness solutions at PMA Fresh Summit this year,” said Narciso Vivot, Director of Business Diversification.

AgroFresh will be presenting technological solutions for the entire produce supply chain

According to a press release, AgroFresh’s comprehensive portfolio of produce freshness solutions includes the likes of:

  • SmartFresh™, which offers growers and packers control over the ripening process, overall lengthening it so that produce remains at optimal ripeness longer. Categories like apples have already reaped the rewards of the SmartFresh technology, with avocados, melons, and broccoli looking to get in on the action.
  • RipeLock™, which leverages the time-tested tech behind SmartFresh to hone in on the banana category. This solution helps retailers deliver quality bananas to shoppers with a color and texture that encourages purchases while also minimizing food waste.
  • FreshCloud™, a platform that provides visibility and insight throughout the supply chain by offering end-to-end visibility throughout transport. As a result, this integrated platform empowers informed inventory decisions for all types of fresh fruit, including blueberries.

In addition to helping retailers, wholesalers, and ripeners preserve freshness and bring ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables to the market, each of these solutions will be on display at booth #3290—so be sure to stop by!

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