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Allen Lund Company Director of HR Pam Stumbaugh Discusses Career Opportunities with the Growing Company

Allen Lund Company Director of HR Pam Stumbaugh Discusses Career Opportunities with the Growing Company

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE, CA – It is a time of continued growth and development for Allen Lund Company (ALC), celebrating 40 years in business with more locations, more career opportunities, and more action slated for the future.

Pam Stumbaugh, Director of Human Resources, Allen Lund Company“Our biggest opportunities are in our branch offices. It’s really interesting because our industry is such that you can create your own career path based on your own skill-set, because there are so many opportunities out there,” Pam Stumbaugh, Director of Human Resources, tells me as we discuss the opportunities and culture that set the company apart from others in the segment, and the industry in general. “We always have a very family, first-name basis feel that I think makes us quite unique in the industry.”

Starting in at the ground level with ALC, Pam explains that any self-driven, customer service-oriented person can begin as a broker’s assistant, and learn the industry details, before becoming a transportation broker and beyond; depending on the focus they choose. “This initial career path gives you a solid foundation so that you understand the process every step of the way.”

Pam knows firsthand all that the company offers, having held her current position for five years and having been with the team 12 years prior to that. “It’s nice to have a long history with the company, especially because when I first started all the personnel files were first name only, and now we have hundreds,” she shares with me.

And the employment rate is not the only place the company has seen growth. Most recently, ALC is celebrating a wider reach with the opening of three new offices in the following locations, each offering numerous opportunities in produce experience:

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Greenville, SC
  • Little Rock, AR

Talking about opening new locations, “We look to start with the right person to lead, and these offices in particular are truly beginning from the ground up. Now we are looking for key people to bring in and help build them up,” Pam shares. “We generally start out with a few on the team and, as demand rises, continue.”

While these are the latest to join the ranks of ALC’s geographical reach, Pam emphasizes that any and all company locations are constantly offering career opportunities.

We are growing and we have career opportunities in every one of our locations. Even with the growth of the company, we’ve been around for 40 years, we maintain that we keep a family atmosphere that Allen started."

Additionally, the experience and the chance to learn all the ins and outs of the company aren’t all ALC has to offer. “Our offering of the full package of company culture, benefit programs, and more, have many in disbelief when they first join. We really take care of our people, our recruits often say that we sound too good to be true,” she laughs. “Then after they come on board they say that we deliver on everything we promise during the recruiting process, and it’s really heartwarming.”

Some of the more “mature” offices, Pam explains, are continuously looking for new team members that want to establish themselves and their careers in fresh produce.

“In recognition of our 40 years in business, we have 40 Acts of Kindness initiatives in play. These are acts our employees are completing to help the communities in which they reside,” Pam shares. “That’s what employees often are looking for, we have found, is joining a company that cares, and we truly do.”

With more growth on the way as it celebrates its 40th year in business, stay tuned for more news from the Allen Lund Company for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

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