Allen Lund Company's Scott Fletcher Discusses New Partnership with Santos International, and Creation of TransKool Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – Last week at the Viva Fresh Produce Expo, I had the opportunity to chat with the Allen Lund Company's Scott Fletcher, Manager of the company's Dallas office, about an exciting new venture. The company recently announced that it is partnering with Santos International and pooling the two companies’ collective expertise with a new company: TransKool Solutions.

Scott Fletcher, Manager, Allen Lund Company

“What we are wanting to do is consolidate all the product in our cooler where a retailer such as Walmart, Costco, Kroger…could come in and have their truck just make one pickup from multiple vendors,” Scott Fletcher, Manager, Allen Lund Company and TransKool Solutions, tells me. “If they are buying raspberries from one vendor and strawberries from another and want to put it all together on a truck, their road truck can come in and just make one pick, which saves log hours as well as makes the load a lot less expensive on the retailer.”

With this joint venture, the two companies hope to establish a convenient supply chain process for produce LTL services. According to a joint press release, TransKool Solutions will provide premiere warehousing solutions optimized in LTL and FTL services, load consolidations, and Customs brokerage.

And the partnered companies also plan to leverage some of their preexisting logistical innovations into even more convenient service.

“With the Allen Lund TMS System, we can also directly load the Sensitech recorder straight from the farm, and it updates via our system,” Fletcher adds. "You would actually have full GPS and temperature control of your product.”

The company also noted in its press release that TransKool Solutions operations will be Kristi Salinas, with support from both Allen Lund Company and Santos International.

For more, check out our short video above, and stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for all things produce.

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