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Anthony Vineyards' Rob Spinelli, Sunview Marketing International's Scott Boyajian, and Vincent B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc.'s Chance Kirk Talk Tight Organic Grape Market

Anthony Vineyards' Rob Spinelli, Sunview Marketing International's Scott Boyajian, and Vincent B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc.'s Chance Kirk Talk Tight Organic Grape Market

CALIFORNIA – With organic grapes just starting to ship from the Central Valley, and the market continuing to blossom for quality products, I took a look at the segment and found the market looks to be tight over the next couple weeks. What I’m hearing from growers and shippers is that for high-quality, premium organic grapes, the market will be above $23, depending on the variety. 

Rob Spinelli, Sales, Anthony VineyardsRob Spinelli of Anthony Vineyards tells me that the company is expecting a tight market for this high-quality year, matched by a high demand for organic grapes.

“There will be plenty of volume for promotions during July, but the demand during the transition from Coachella to the San Joaquin Valley for premium organic grapes has kept the market tight,” Rob divulges.

Anthony Vineyards plans to start its red Sweet Scarlet and Scarlet Royal varieties, as well as the company's green Timpson variety, in about a week.

"We're seeing great consumer response for our Sweet Scarlet organic grapes," Rob says. "This variety really stands out in the segment for premium grapes with its distinct characteristics of a floral bouquet, with a Muscat flavor that has a high brix."

Scott Boyajian, Director of Marketing at Sunview Marketing International, says that the company will be shipping out of the Central Valley with its Rosa®, Stella Bella®, Princess, and Summer Royal varieties. Sunview grows all of its organic grapes in the San Joaquin Valley and ships both domestically and internationally.

"So far, quality is great, and everything we've seen for this year's crop has been very good," Scott tells me of the current selection of premium grapes. "We're still in the beginning of the season, but the organic standpoint is about the same as last year, if not better."

Sunview has experienced no weather fluctuations that have affected its crop thus far, but says that it will continue to monitor its grapes as the market remains tight. “We’ve had some decent heat, but the crops came through it well without significant damage,” says Scott.

International demand of organic grapes is less than the company expected, but Scott says that fluctuation has more to do with the value of currency than consumer demand.

“There is a tremendous demand from consumers and retailers for grapes from California, and organic grapes in particular,” Scott finishes. “Organics is widespread, so to offer retailers another chance to tap in on consumer purchases, Sunview is offering secondary displays for additional merchandising.” 

Chance Kirk, Director of Retail and Foodservice Sales, recently told me that Vincent B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc (VBZ Grapes) is also preparing for a high-quality year, with demand exceeding supply

“We are seeing huge increases in organics this year. We have new varieties in this organic harvest, with a 25-30 percent increase to our proprietary varieties. We’re also transitioning some of our other varieties into organics as well,” Chance says as we talk about the flourishing market for organics. “It’s an exciting time to have new proprietary varieties, and be in the organic market.” 

Chance says that as the organic sector increases on the consumer end, the organic market will be tight as crops transition from Coachella to the San Joaquin Valley. “Due to the heat in Mexico, there is less organic supply, so the market will stay tight as the regions transition,” Chance says.

VBZ Grapes expects to kick supply into high gear over the next week as more varieties are harvested, adding it is currently ahead of schedule for all varieties by about two weeks in the field compared to last year, as well as marketing and shipping.

As the organic grape market transitions between regions to match consumer demand, keep up with AndNowKnow for the latest.

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