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ANUK's Animals With Pumpkins Highlights

ANUK's Animals With Pumpkins Highlights

THE ANIMAL KINGDOM - The C in Kayla Mackenzie Webb stands for Cat, as in capital-S capital-C Scaredy-Cat. Ever since I was yay high, I’ve fled from all things that go bump in the night. A friend to fiends? An acquaintance to apparitions? A bud to the Babadook? No, no, and no. I prefer to get chummy with all things cutesy tootsie, which means ghouls that say “hellOO!” instead of “Boo!”

If spooky szn™ hasn’t always been up your alley for a similar reason, then you’ve clicked to the right article! This Halloween, we’re forgoing tricks to give you, beloved ANUK readers, a real treat! All October long, we’ve been probing the newswire for festive pumpkin news that really tugs at our heartstrings and what we’ve come up with is a list of our favorite gourd-themed stories starring none other than the cuddly wuddlies of the animal kingdom!

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are some pumpkin stories that will make you saw “Aw!” instead of “AH!” this fine Hallows-Eve morning.

It’s Freakin' Bats!

Full disclosure, I’m sobbing because of this series of photos from a zoo in Kiev. I never knew I needed a photo of a coven of turtles hosting a séance around a jack-o-lantern, but now it’s my wallpaper. Also, unpopular opinion: But bats are amazing and wonderful creatures that should be loved and revered rather than treated like vermin—especially the one posing with the orange veg like it’s serving face on a cover of Vogue. Also, the elephant-to-pumpkin ratio!? Be still my heart.

The Cutest Thief to Ever Exist in the History of Heists

This adorable bear followed the smell of Halloween spirit all the way to someone’s front porch, where a pumpkin ripe for the picking awaited. Not wasting any time, the bear tumbles the gourd down the steps and to—I’m assuming, based off of my limited bear knowledge—its cave. Listen, this bear can pilfer from my porch anytime.

The Photoshoot to End All Photoshoots

If this is what National Geographic photographers get to shoot all day then sign me the heck up! The heavens—or hell, since its Halloween!—aligned for Swedish photographer Geert Weggen, who managed to capture two tiny squirrels playing with none other than a jack-o-lantern. One picture even depicts one of the little fluffers donning the lantern as a helmet—presumably because he’s about to ride into battle on a trusty skeleton steed. (Steed not pictured!)

Big or Small, All Cats Are The Same

I can’t get behind owning any sort of wildlife as a pet…but carve my pumpkin and call me a jack-o-lantern (runner-up: dissect my cadaver and call me a corpse), I’m a hypocrite: I think this big ol’ fella would get along great with my housecats. The North Carolina sanctuary resident was caught on camera treating a pumpkin like its tinier relatives treat toy mice. Don’t worry, the wailing you hear isn’t what’s haunting your attic—it’s just me in my orange chair at the ANUK office.

I hope you’re donning a grin as garish as a carved gourd because we sure are after this news-trip!

If you happen to be participating in today’s great holiday—whether that be by playing with pumpkins like our above mentioned furry friends or dressed up as a furry friend yourself—be sure to send a photo of you and the team to [email protected] to be featured in our annual Halloween yearbook.

May you have a happy, safe, and, most importantly, cute Halloween, produce industry friends! We’ll see you next year!