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Awe Sum Organics Kicks Off Its Winter Peruvian Grape Program

Awe Sum Organics Kicks Off Its Winter Peruvian Grape Program

SANTA CRUZ, CA - Awe Sum Organics is kicking off its exclusive Peruvian grape program this winter for the third season.

Supplies are already rolling in for the company’s organic red seedless crimson grapes, as well as its organic green seedless sugraones, which Founder and CEO David Posner said were “wonderfully sweet, crisp, and delicious.”

David Posner, Founder and CEO, Awe Sum Organics

Awe Sum Organics will finish its program with organic seeded red globes sometime in January. Red Globes offer the largest berry size among all of Awe Sum’s grape variety and will also be available in larger volumes than the company’s organic seedless crimsons, according to a press release.

“Two years ago there was concern about selling seeded grapes,” said Nick Moless, Program Manager. “But our accounts found their customers bought them in similar volumes as the seedless varieties and were incredibly successful with them.”

Green Seedless Sugraones

Awe Sum Organics grapes are available in two pack styles: an 18 lb. carton, containing twelve Handle Pouch Bags (all three varieties), and an 11 lb. carton containing ten 500 gram – 1 lb. 1.6 oz – Clamshells (Sugraone, Green Seedless, and Red Globe Seeded).

Red Seedless Crimson Grapes

“All three of our grape varieties are Fair for Life certified by IMO Switzerland which guarantees fair wages, good working conditions, and social responsibility at each and every stage of production and throughout the distribution chain,” Posner continued.

The Fair for Life social premiums from the sales of last year’s grapes helped complete a preschool for the children of the worker community. The funds collected from this season will be used to build another classroom and to train primary and secondary teachers in the community.

Social premiums from the sales of Awe Sum Organics' grapes helped to complete a preschool for children of the worker community.

Awe Sum Organics grapes are also Non-GMO Project Verified. The company says that not only is it committed to outstanding taste and quality, but also doing what’s right for humankind and the environment as a whole.

Awe Sum Organics

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