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Bard Valley Looks Ahead to Valentine's Day Promotions

Bard Valley Looks Ahead to Valentine's Day Promotions

YUMA, AZ - Holidays that involve gift-giving can sometimes be a little stressful, so why not give your consumers a jumpstart by adding Bard Valley Natural Delights® new eight-count Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates to your shelves? The new offering provides a healthy, yet indulgent, treat as Valentine’s Day planning gets underway, giving retailers an opportunity to merchandise and promote the new product.

David Baxter, Marketing Director, Bard Valley Natural Delights“Data from the National Confectioners Association indicated that 2020 Valentine’s Day seasonal sales performance reached $3.2 billion,” said David Baxter, Marketing Director. “The sales results with our Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates with Sea Salt exceeded all expectations. We anticipate another sales surge during the Valentine’s Day holiday.”

According to a press release, the new offering features a bold header that calls out Valentine’s Day and features rich images of the product that are sure to get tastebuds tingling.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® recently rolled out its new eight-count Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates

“Our premium Medjool dates are world renown for their luscious, soft texture and sweet caramel-honey flavor,” continued Baxter. “It is a unique gift to give during this holiday and the upscale packaging features a die-cut window to showcase the product and serve as a gift box.”

Retailers are encouraged by the company to cross-merchandise and reach new customers who may not have had the pleasure of finding these products before. Bard Valley also insists upon the versatility of the the Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates merchandiser as it can be transformed to highlight not only Valentine’s Day, but spring holidays as well, leading for further seasonal sales.

With not only a delicious combination of dark chocolate and sweet dates, but an eye-catching packaging element as well, the new eight-count pack of chocolate covered Medjool dates is unique to Bard Valley Natural Delights®

To support the promotion of the new chocolate covered dates, Bard Valley is launching a social media promotion beginning February 4 through February 10, aptly titled “Date to Remember.” The promotion draws centers around a special date night for the romantic Valentine’s Day holiday, and aims to drive traffic and capture pivotal Valentine’s Day sales.

To discover more unique ways to capitalize on the holiday boom, keep checking back with AndNowUKnow.

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