Bob Borda Discusses Cal-Organic Farms' Onion Crop Ahead of Holiday Rush

Bob Borda Discusses Cal-Organic Farms' Onion Crop Ahead of Holiday Rush

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BAKERSFIELD, CA - There’s only one thing more delightful than a well-decorated holiday tree and that’s a well-stocked organic onion display shining for all shoppers to see in the middle of the produce aisle. While retailers can’t go wrong with including any variety in their display, what will really set it apart from displays of years prior is the Cal-Organic logo glistening brighter than a star tree-topper on Christmas Eve.

I caught up with Bob Borda, VP of Organic Sales, to find out all that retailers need to know about Cal-Organic’s onions this holiday season.

Bob Borda, Vice President Organic Sales, Cal-Organic Farms“We’ve completed our organic onion harvest in the San Joaquin Valley, and we’re very pleased with the size and quality of our yellow and red onions. We’re seeing predominantly darker skin on our fall onion crop,” Bob began to tell me. “Strong yields and exceptional quality have put Cal-Organic in a good position to supply dry onions for the holidays and through the winter months. In fact, our supply of yellows should carry through winter and last until April when we’ll start offering our new spring crop. Red onions are looking good as well, and we anticipate strong supply through February.”

While demand is increasing with the biggest holidays of the year so near, Bob disclosed that this hasn’t created any lasting changes in market conditions. And with quality across all varieties looking to be in good shape, all that Cal-Organic has left to do is help retailers anticipate when the holiday rush will hit.

Cal-Organic has seen strong yields and exceptional quality this season, positioning the grower well to supply dry onions for the holidays and winter months

“Grimmway and Cal-Organic are well-poised to support promotions for red and yellow onions through the holidays,” Bob continued, before giving me a sneak peek at what other goodies Cal-Organic has for retailers this season. “We offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables that are perfect for seasonal cooking, and quality looks great among our full set of leafy greens, herbs, and, of course, carrots. We’re transitioning our growing region for organic vegetables after Thanksgiving, and our seasonal celery program should be in full swing by early December.”

Cal-Organic is truly the gift that keeps on giving! For more crop updates like this, keep clicking back to AndNowUKnow.

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