Carlos Castaños Joins Continental Fresh’s Grower Management and Sourcing Team; Albert Perez Comments

Carlos Castaños Joins Continental Fresh’s Grower Management and Sourcing Team; Albert Perez Comments

MIAMI, FL - Diversity is the spice of life, and being able to diversify your portfolio is key to retaining consumer loyalty. To ensure its products and programs stay in tip-top positions, Continental Fresh has tapped Carlos Castaños for its Grower Management and Sourcing team to diversify its imports from Mexico.

Carlos Castaños, Grower Management and Sourcing Team, Continental Fresh“I grew up with produce all around me, and I knew I needed to get into the business so I could learn more about it,” Carlos tells me. “Now that I’m finally in the industry, I knew this journey was worth it because of my family. I wanted to plant better roots, and the knowledge and experience I gained from working in different areas has helped me become better at my job.”

Stepping into the position of Grower Management and Sourcing, Carlos will be helping Continental tell its story and the foundations it’s known for. The grower has built its success on the values it holds dear: transparency, communication, and strong empathy for the efforts that a grower makes in getting their product to market. And with a storied background like Carlos’, it’s easy to see why he was picked for the job.

Albert Perez, Chief Executive Officer, Continental Fresh“Some of the things I like most about Carlos are his optimism and compassion for people. Understanding product and markets is important, but relating to the grower experience is crucial to success,” comments Albert Perez, Chief Executive Officer and Grower Relations for Continental Fresh. “Carlos has that ability in droves. We are proud to have him on our team.”

Born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, Carlos brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He studied at ITESM Campus Sinaloa and has earned a major in International Business with a minor in Agribusiness. After graduating, Carlos immediately dove into the retail world and started off as a buyer for a major retail chain in Northwest Mexico, Casa Ley S.A.

From there, he continued to build his knowledge bank, learning the ropes in sales, logistics, the supply chain, and account management. In addition, he spent time at Nestlé and SuKarne before entering the produce industry at Marengo Foods Company. After spending over four years at Marengo, most recently serving as an Account Executive, Carlos joined the Continental Fresh team in September of this year.

Carlos Castaños was brought onto the Continental Fresh’s Grower Management and Sourcing team to lead the diversification of the grower’s imports from Mexico

“Since I entered the produce business, I knew this industry had an infinite amount of opportunities and new things to learn. I want to continue my produce career until my last breath,” Carlos says. “What I like about produce is the people. The portfolio of customers I have now is different from the clients I used to work with. I want to take care of them in the long-term because I know good things will come to me and the people around me.”

As a major player in the Mexican mango category, Continental Fresh finished its season strong as the 10th largest importer, coming in at just under three million cases. With the company looking to develop its diverse programs in Mexico, Carlos will play a key part to help diversify its imports from the country.

“I’m really excited to be part of the team at Continental Fresh and look forward to continuing to grow with this company. I know we will, because we have the best team in the industry,” smiles Carlos.

A hearty congratulations to you, Carlos, as you continue your produce career!

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