CMI Orchards' George Harter Discusses Organics, Branded Apples, Cherry Season, and More

CHICAGO, IL - It’s no secret that organics are an important avenue for growth in the apple category, and CMI Orchards is responding to consumer demand for with its Daisy Girl Organics™ brand.

High-graphic Daisy Girl Organics™ displays allow for convenient merchandising

I recently had a chance to talk with George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, to learn more about the company’s investment in organics, the branded apples for which it’s known, and a burgeoning cherry season that George says may bring “the best quality [cherries] that have ever come off [growers’] trees.”

George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards“We really want to make sure that people understand how important organics is to us,” George tells me. “The Daisy Girl Organic label is number one in the industry—organic apples.”

Additionally, George notes, the company is highlighting Kiku, Kanzi, Ambrosia, Pacific Rose, Jazz, Envy, and Smitten—high-flavor premium apple varieties that CMI Orchards is known for.

CMI Orchards offers Rainier variety cherries through its Nature's Candy brand

“Our brands…make up 72 percent of the total high-flavor apple category,” George says. And with cherry season just beginning, even more flavorful options are in store for CMI Orchards’ customers. “We’re peaking on Rainier Cherries—the Nature’s Candy brand for us—and also the red cherries. The eating quality is phenomenal. Every one of our growers is saying that the Rainier cherries that are being grown this year are the best quality that have ever come off their trees.”

For more, check out our brief video interview above.

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