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Country Sweet Produce's Gina Pettit Discusses Retail Opportunities in Bako Sweet Steamer Bags

AUSTIN, TX – Pairing convenient packaging with an on-trend produce category, Country Sweet Produce is showcasing its expanded line of value-added sweet potato packages and highlighting a family-friendly offering in its popular Bako Sweet microwaveable potato line.  

With simple to prepare offerings top-of-mind with busy consumers, we tapped Gina Pettit, Marketing and Specialty Sales Manager, to find out what makes Bako Sweet’s offerings so appealing, in this video exclusive.

Gina Pettit, Marketing and Specialty Sales Manager, Country Sweet Produce“We’re showcasing our microwaveable steamer bag,” Gina says. “It is a nice little handy bag for families. Pop it in the microwave for ten minutes, and you have ready-to-eat sweet potatoes.”

Gina tells me that this unique product in from the Bako Sweet brand is different in size from more traditional microwaveable products. The steamer bag appeals to families whose needs may differ from those consumers who purchase individually-wrapped spuds.

“Usually at the retail store, when you’re shopping, you see more of the individual sweet potato in a microwaveable pack…But when it came to families, there wasn’t really anything geared toward working moms or busy families on the go with kids, and so, we thought that actually more of a family-sized pack would be convenient for consumers,” Gina continues.

Need more Bako Sweet? Watch our video above for more on these tasty spuds.

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