Cuties Launches New Marketing Campaign to "I Want Cuties" Theme Song

Cuties Launches New Marketing Campaign to "I Want Cuties" Theme Song

PASADENA, CA – Cuties® is launching a new consumer marketing campaign that hopes to make kids sing “I Want Cuties!”

Sun Pacific, the grower behind Cuties®, has created a playful twist on the classic 80s tune “I Want Candy” in order to encourage kids to swap sweets for fresh fruit. The campaign was designed to encourage families to reach for Cuties instead to help curb kids’ cravings for sweets.

Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Sun Pacific’s Vice President of Marketing, said that fruit is a naturally healthy way to curb an appetite for sweets because, along with sweetness, “fruit provides fiber to help you feel full, plus essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,” she said.

Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Vice President of Marketing, Sun Pacific“Cuties is America’s favorite fresh fruit brand and kids love them so much they ask for them by name,” she continued. “That makes Cuties the perfect fruit to offer kids in place of candy.”

The campaign will be featured across radio, billboards, digital advertising and content, social media, and deliveries of holiday “sweet swap” ideas to media and influencers. In addition, Cuties will also retailers with custom social media content, tool kits for registered dietitians, and other support to incorporate the campaign in stores.


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An upcoming dance-along music video will debut during the holiday season, so don’t miss it!


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