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Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Sammy Duda Discusses Latest Facility Expansion and New Packaging

ANAHEIM, CA - Duda Farm Fresh Foods didn’t pull any punches at Fresh Summit 2019, as it unveiled both a $5 million expansion of its celery facility as well as new and sustainable tray packs for its corn. Lucky for me, I bumped into Sammy Duda himself and heard all about the company’s exciting new initiatives.

Sammy Duda, Senior Vice President of Operations, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“We’re having a massive expansion in Oxnard of our celery fresh-cut facility to meet the increasing demand that we’ve seen, which is a great opportunity for us. We’re very thrilled to be in that position to meet consumer and customer demand, it’s just been fantastic,” said Sammy Duda, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We’re very enthused that our varieties have resonated with so many customers, and we’re excited to have this $5 million expansion to meet those new expectations.”

In addition to its celery facility expansion, Duda Farm Fresh Foods showcased its new sustainable tray packs

With this monumental move, Duda anticipates that its expansive acreage will have no problems meeting the expectations of consumers. Along with its second announcement, the news suggests that the company is well positioned for the upcoming year.

“In addition to that, we’re expanding our tray-packed corn operations, especially around sustainability. We have a recyclable tray that we’re really enthused about to meet the increasing need to be sustainable in today’s marketplace,” continued Sammy. “So, we are really happy to be able to offer this tray-packed corn, and we think consumers and customers alike will be thrilled to see it.”

Congratulations to Duda Farm Fresh Foods on these exciting announcements! Return to the top of the page to see an exclusive video segment explaining all of this and more.

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