Execulytics Consulting Publishes Produce Almanac

Execulytics Consulting Publishes Produce Almanac

TORONTO, CANADA - Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could refer to a comprehensive record of produce markets”? If you have, you’re in luck! A comprehensive account of our industry’s markets has just been published by none other than Execulytics Consulting. The first edition of the Produce Almanac includes insight, data, charts, and other graphics capturing the last five years of produce. Wowee!

Mike Mauti, Managing Partner and Senior Vice President, Execulytics Consulting“I am very pleased with the final product,” said Mike Mauti, Managing Partner and Senior Vice President, Client Services of Execulytics Consulting. “The sheer amount of wide-ranging data and detailed information is much more than I had expected when this project first kicked off last year.”

According to a press release, the published copy of the 2019 Produce Almanac, which weighs in at nearly 500 pages and 30,000 words, uses USDA and Ag-Canada data sources to bring the world of produce to life with graphic visualizations and year-over-year cost comparisons for over 100 produce commodities, organic premiums for key products in the organic category, five-year costing histories, and weekly retail prices comparing both 2018 to 2017 and conventional to organics. In total, the e-book contains over 4 million data points, 600 tables, 415 graphs, 242 bar graphs, and 95 gauge charts.

The first edition of the Produce Almanac includes insight, data, charts, and other graphics capturing the last five years of produce

Since the Almanac’s release, Execulytics has already been inundated with positive responses. Craig Kimak, an Edmonton-based produce professional, took to Twitter to report: “if you used the Almanac to negotiate $1 off 1 load for 1 week, you’d have a 400% ROI. Such a great resource!”

Sal Battaglia, Produce Professional and Industry ConsultantSal Battaglia, produce professional and industry consultant, added, “Produce buyers AND sellers have no shortage of information crossing their desks, what’s rare though, is to have the right information that is easily accessible when it’s needed. This is what the Produce Almanac delivers on. It enables people to make informed and timely decisions in the fast-paced produce environment. Compiling information, consulting numerous resources while multi-tasking with several categories or customers can tax an already busy desk. And as retailers, suppliers, and growers continue to expand their staff, an experience gap will emerge, the Produce Almanac can be priceless in filling that void, while saving time and resources. Helping to maximize profit and grow market share are bonus!”

But, don’t just take Craig Kimak’s and Sal Battaglia’s word for it; see for yourself by purchasing a copy of the Produce Almanac at www.execulytics.ca/produce-almanac for the introductory price of $249.

“The early customer response is indicative of the value the Produce Almanac can provide for a produce company,” concluded Mauti. “I hope all companies get a copy and use it to drive benefits in how they buy and sell produce, be it on the farm, packhouse, wholesale market, or retail floor.”

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