Five Hot Products from PMA Foodservice 2015

Five Hot Products from PMA Foodservice 2015

MONTEREY, CA - Maybe you missed some aisles while trying to take in all the PMA Foodservice 2015 Expo had to offer, or maybe you couldn't make it out to the show at all. Either way, we're here to show you a few of the many highlighted products you might have missed and definitely should keep a look-out for. 

Misionero - Choice Blends


Misionero’s Choice Blends, available in four different options that incorporate produce trends and yummy flavors. Not only are they triple-washed, but the blends incorporate the consumer cry for on-the-go healthy options. Available in Crispy Snap, Super Kale, and Spinach Delight, we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a good idea. Misionero took home the title for PMA Foodservice 2015’s Best Product Promo!

Avocados From Mexico - Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Avocados From Mexico Marketing Director of Foodservice and Culinary Mark Garcia showing off the Truffles

Just when you thought you knew what all could be done with avocados, words like “puree” and “truffle” come in to shake things up. This tasty option is not nearly as fattening as it tastes, which is a key sell in today’s health-driven market.

Mann Packing - Veggie Power Blend

Gotta love a blend of produce that’s versatile and pre-packaged, and not just because it took home the title for the Best Sensory Experience. Most recently the company added the special jumbo kohlrabi variety, and it definitely is a sensory experience.

Pero Family Farms - Sweet Pepper Rings

These little ringlets come in a transparent bag that shows off the colorful blend of peppers. You can see them decorating a salad or adding a garnish across the plate. A contender that was featured in the Product Showcase, this can easily become a handy tool in foodservice or for consumers that need a quick but healthy put-together.

Gourmet Garden - New Herbs & Spices

Basil, ginger, cilantro, and parsley. A cooking quadruple-punch, these lightly dried herbs and spices bring fresh smells and flavors to cooking. These new products also feature a new look from Gourmet Garden, attracting the eyes both on the floor, in the Product Showcase display, and on the shelf as well.

These items, the people, and the overall atmosphere are all part of what makes the PMA Foodservice Expo such a fun and productive experience, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the PMA Fresh Summit expo in Atlanta, Georgia!


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