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Fox Packaging's Jeff Reger Discusses New Sustainable Packaging Solutions

CHICAGO, IL - The memories I bring home with me from shows like United Fresh are always one of my favorite parts of the trade show experience. If it was possible, I’m sure Fox Packaging would have a perfectly sustainable pouch bag for me to collect these memories in to carry home in my luggage—a pouch very similar to the company’s new packaging debuts that caught everyone’s attention at last week’s show.

I tapped Jeff Reger, Product Manger, on the show floor to learn more about the latest coming from Fox Packaging.

Jeff Rodger, Product Manager, Fox Packaging“Today, we released our low-density polyethylene with eco-starch resin as well as our high density-based polyethylene pouch offering,” Jeff began. “We’re able to take our proprietary stand-up combo and convert a small portion of it over to an eco-starch-based resin. We’ve also taken in a high density-based polyethylene that increases the rigidity and increases the stand-up capability. As far as the rigidity of the plastic, we were trying to take some of the focus for fossil-fuel-based polymers and turn it into a drive for some eco-starch.”

Last week, Fox Packaging released its low-density polyethylene with eco-starch resin and its high density-based polyethylene pouch offering

Fox Packaging is also examining different sustainable resins and developing the compatibility of these resins with its already existent lines. Jeff explained that the company currently implements this strategy with some of its other packaging innovations, and it's proving successful.

“We’ve just released this into our stand-up pouch, and we’ve already seen a pretty large following for it today. With the advent of this new product, we’re recyclable, reusable, and we’re available right now,” Jeff concluded.

Curious to hear more from Jeff on Fox Packaging’s new offerings? Check out our exclusive video interview above for more information.

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