Green Life Farms' Manny Bracamonte and Sysco's Danny Ortiz Win December Snack Cover Contest

Green Life Farms' Manny Bracamonte and Sysco's Danny Ortiz Win December Snack Cover Contest

SACRAMENTO, CA - It was a very Merry Christmas for two fast-fingered industry members, as our December issue winners for The Snack Magazine cover contest have been named! We were overjoyed to see the competitive submissions from this round, and had the chance to hear straight from our winners.

Making the supply-side proud, Manny Bracamonte, Sales at Green Life Farms, was one of the first to land in our inboxes with a FOUND the Apple Logo email. Based on his excited grin, we just had to find out what his plans are for the prize money.

Manny Bracamonte of Green Life Farms wasn't fooled by the gift boxes hiding the apple logo

“We are in the process of having our home built here in the desert, so that $100 will go toward something my house will need—ceiling fan or window treatment of some sort!” said Manny to ANUK. “It is great to read what’s going on in the industry. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and enjoy seeing new changes in our industry. We get so caught up in what we do and we think that’s the entire industry, but we are just a piece of the puzzle in this giant industry that feeds the world! Love being a part of it!”

I can only imagine how much goes into such a project, so best of luck to you on this endeavor, Manny!

Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector at Sysco, once again nabbed the title of “Snack contest winner,” being named the buy-side champion for our December round of the competition.

Sysco’s Danny Ortiz continues his buy-side domination of finding the apple logo—he seems unbeatable!

“Thank you to ANUK once again for all the good information the whole team provides us with and the hard work they do,” Danny told us. “I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and God bless us all.”

If you didn’t snag our cash prize this round, there’s always the next issue! You can request a subscription to The Snack Magazine here (valued at $129 per year) to get in on the fun for February.

To come in first or second, contest rules require submissions showing your face while pointing at the ANUK logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine. The countdown does not begin until we announce the contest in our newsletter, and the subject line of your email must state “FOUND the Apple Logo.”

Congratulations to our winners! We’ll see you next round.

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