Hermosillo Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) Estimates Massive 22 Million Box Season

Hermosillo Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) Estimates Massive 22 Million Box Season

HERMOSILLO, MEXICO - The Hermosillo Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) is predicting a seriously hefty haul this grape season. At the Mexican Spring Summit, held in Tubac, Arizona, last month, AALPUM President Marco Molina announced an estimate of 22 million boxes expected to be exported during the 2019 season—up from 21 million exported in 2017 and 16.3 million in 2016.

John Pandol, Grape Division Chairman, Fresh Produce Association of the Americas“It is critical for sales planning to have good information on the volume and timing of the grape harvest,” said John Pandol, Grape Division Chairman of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americans (FPAA), an association of produce importers based in Nogales, Arizona. “Retailers fall into two categories. Retailers who have a 52-week plan based mostly on last year's sales, and retailers who plan 3 to 6 weeks out based mostly on this year’s supply. Now is the time for retailers to either adjust or create plans for the grape season.”

A statement issued by Pandol outlined the following breakdown of Mexico’s massive crop:

  • 49% red seedless
  • 39% green seedless
  • 5% black seedless
  • 7% unspecified

Mexican growers have seen a huge increase in volume in this year's yield

Harvest of promotional volumes is expected to begin the week of May 20th (week 21) and will continue through the week of June 24 (week 26). Though weekly volumes were not announced, some private estimates reportedly peg weeks 22 through 25 (May 27 through June 22) at 4,000,000 cartons per week.

Historically at least 70% of grape volume from the region is shipped in June and early July.

Molina outlined the AALPUM’s estimates at the March 21st Mexican Spring Summit in Tupac, Arizona. This was the first year the event was held in March, allowing for a more strategic relationship with Easter and other spring holidays.

This year’s Summit was also the first held in the United States, a move intended to encourage more U.S. sales companies to attend. Caborca Grower Association President Librado Macias reported that his group was very happy to see the robust attendance of U.S. marketers—who made up nearly a third of the event’s 250 attendees.

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