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IFCO's Youth Produce Ambassador, Kid Chef Eliana, Promotes Healthy Cooking for All

Washington D.C. - IFCO's Youth Produce Ambassador Kid Chef Eliana was at United Fresh this year to share with conference attendees both her culinary creations as well as her message about the importance of families cooking together.

I'm trying to encourage kids to get in the kitchen and cook and especially kids and families to cook together and eat healthier and that's what I'm doing with IFCO and then when you're going grocery shopping and you see all these IFCO RPC's it just showcases all these fresh fruits and veggies...” Eliana told ANUK.

Her's is a message that America's growers will want to support. Kids who can cook are much more likely after all to grow into the type of adults that frequent farmer's markets and the fresh produce sections of grocery stores rather than the menu's of McDonalds or Taco Bell for inspiration for their evening meals rather.

Good cooks make good shoppers and as you can see in ANUK's above Shop Talk exclusive with Eliana, that's exactly the type of consumer she's helping to create.  


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