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Index Fresh Announces Partnership with Apeel

Index Fresh Announces Partnership with Apeel

RIVERSIDE, CA - As we in this industry know, the efforts that go into growing and selling the fresh produce that we all love makes it all the more important that it doesn’t go to waste. Index Fresh is making sure that its avocados find a happy ending as it has partnered with Apeel to help preserve the freshness of its products and help reduce food waste in the global supply chain.

John Dmytriw, Vice President of Business Development, Index Fresh“Anyone can sell someone an avocado once,” explained John Dmytriw, Vice President of Business Development at Index Fresh. “At Index, we don’t define our success with clients by packages sold. We define success by the amount of time we’ve been working together. Ensuring best-in-class quality and consistency is a recipe for creating lasting relationships.”

Apeel’s cutting-edge technology and its “peel” which helps lock moisture in and keep oxygen out of produce, combined with the over a century of industry knowledge from Index Fresh creates dynamic duo, helping to lead the way to a more sustainable future. According to a press release, not only does Apeel’s technology keep produce fresh, but it allows produce to have a longer shelf-life, preventing it from ending up in the waste stream.

Index Fresh is partnering with Apeel to introduce its innovative technology to its avocados to extend freshness

As a well-known avocado distributor, Index Fresh is setting its sights on innovation and has expressed the desire to help its clients embrace the new technologies that it has implemented.

Steve Roodzant, President and Chief Executive Officer, Index Fresh“When our customers talk, we listen,” President and CEO Steve Roodzant said. “Blocking and tackling for customers is our specialty.”

In joining with Apeel, Index Fresh will continue to provide its clients with a plethora of options as part of its Go to Market Business Strategy. The distributor will offer not only Apeel fruit, but its traditional avocados as well.

Todd Elder, Vice President of Sales, Index Fresh“Index Fresh is a YES company. We say yes to helping our clients every step of the way,” explained Todd Elder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

As Apeel continues to make pivotal partnerships across the industry, which produce provider will the innovative company join forces with next? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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