Index Fresh's Bobby Fingerlin Talks First Quarter Avocado Opportunities

Index Fresh's Bobby Fingerlin Talks First Quarter Avocado Opportunities

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CORONA, CA - While consumers are readying their resolutions for 2023, retailers can start preparing their avocado merchandising strategies for the new year. As Index Fresh’s Bobby Fingerlin, Sales and Business Development, clued me in, quarter one will be a prime time for buyers to boost avocado dollars as quality, supply, and pricing beneficially align.

Bobby Fingerlin, Sales and Business Development, Index Fresh“For a long time, summer was the peak time for avocados, but we’ve found over the last few years that quarter one is a prominent time for the category due to lower pricing, the volume being more readily available, and consumers being more interactive with the product,” explains Bobby. “Overall, quarter one is just a positive period for the movement of avocados. To top it off, there is a drastic decrease in pricing year over year.”

Currently, the majority of Index Fresh’s avocados are being grown in Mexico, and production is ramping up, creating sufficient volumes for promotions starting in December and leading into the first part of 2023. As Bobby mentions, the category has historically seen much higher pricing, but with good volumes coming in, retailers can take advantage of the lower prices to drive avocado sales.

Index Fresh reports that lower pricing and good volumes make the first quarter of 2023 ripe for avocado promotions at retail

To maximize category potential, Bobby urges buyers to prepare promotions as soon as possible to avoid potential holiday delays. He also suggests displaying avocado bags for shoppers on the go.

“Bags are something we've continued to see increasing in popularity,” says Bobby. “I think it's the ease of running in, grabbing a bag of avocados, and leaving without having to sift through various avocados. This leads me to my next point, consistent ripening. Having consistent quality within each bag helps retain customers. You don't want to have a bag with a couple of pieces that aren't good, so you want to ensure your suppliers give you the best quality they can.”

As production ramps up in Mexico, Index Fresh details that the time to start marketing avocados is now

Retailers, you heard it here; if increased avocado sales are one of your New Year’s resolutions, quarter one of 2023 will be an opportune time to promote the category.

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