Ippolito International's Sarah Clarke Details Florentino Cauliflower Variety

Ippolito International's Sarah Clarke Details Florentino Cauliflower Variety

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SALINAS, CA - Exciting new varieties always turn heads, especially when these varieties open up the cruciferous veg category to more consumers. Turning to Ippolito International’s Sarah Clarke, I learned about the development of the Florentino variety and why operators are getting pumped about this item.

Sarah Clarke, Sales and Commodity Manager, Ippolito International“This variety may seem familiar to some,” the Sales and Commodity Manager told me. “It is an ‘opening’ or ‘expanding’ type of cauliflower from a breeding perspective and is harvested in delicate bunches. The multiple branches are topped with clusters of petite, golden beads. Because this is an expanding cauliflower that is exposed to sunlight, there will be variations in color. Usually, the more rose-toned, the sweeter the taste.”

Developed in Spain, the vegetable variety has small flowers which give it its name, Florentino, a Spanish word meaning “budding.”

Apart from being a gorgeous vegetable, I wanted to hear from Sarah how the market was responding to this variety.

Ippolito International is pumping up the cruciferous veg category with its Florentino variety development

“Our foodservice customer sales have been ramping up! We are finding that it trends well in certain areas, such as the Northeast. There are ethnic restaurant concepts engaging with the product and finding success. Not too surprisingly, it is getting traction with the retail channels in those same geographies,” Sarah explained.

As she noted earlier, Florentino has a variegated coloring. Sarah said that different growing conditions make this variety a mood-ring of sorts for cruciferous vegetables.

A slightly orange, slightly pink tone can occur as the product is exposed to sunlight. That tonal change is unpredictable and unique, which adds some excitement to this category.

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